Dizziness & Vertigo

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Our clinic offers over fifteen years of experience treating a vast erray of dizziness/imbalance disorders.  One common cause of dizziness called cervicogenic dizziness is related to neck disorders.  This form of dizziness/imblance is due to malfunctioning nerve receptors called mechanoreceptors that are embedded in the muscles at the top of the neck.  This neurological dysfunction leads to a silent form of dizziness that is often missed in clinical examinations.

Another common disorder that causes vertigo is called BPPV or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.  This disorder is caused by small particles of calcium carbonate (otoconia) becoming dislodged from the inner ear and migrating into the canals of the ear.  This causes a false sense of movement when movement is not actually occurring and results in vertigo.  This type of vertigo can be treated by a physiotherapist that specializes in vestibular disorders.  Most patients will report resolution of vertigo in one to three visits after receiving treatment.

Do you have BPPV?

Common complaints associated with BPPV include:

–Bed mobility (rolling or sitting up)
–Reaching for object on floor, under cupboard or top shelf
–washing hair
–working under the car
–Changing a light bulb
–Dental chair

We offer a specialized treatment programs that are clinically proven to decrease vertigo, dizziness and improve balance.

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Cervicogenic Dizziness and BPPV information on Youtube