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Our specialties include headaches/neck pain, whiplash, back pain, orthopedic arm and leg pain, and balance/dizziness disorders.  We also offer treatments for work and sports related injuries.



Woman with a Headache

Headaches are a common painful disorder.  Experts now report that 90% of Americans will experience or have experienced a tension headache (HA).  Some headaches can be treated with specialized physical therapy.  We specialize in the treatment of cervicogenic headaches and work closely with many top neurologists in Jacksonville who also specialize in these disorders.  Mr. Burnette has extensive experience with these disorders and has helped countless patients decrease their pain and maintain their results.

Our exercise program is based on research from the world renowned spine expert, Dr. Gwen Jull from the University of Queensland, Australia.  Dr. Jull  has spent 20+ years as a leading researcher and educator of spine stability and the treatment of whiplash and cervical spine pain. Dr. Jull currently serves as the Director of the Cervical Spine and Whiplash Research Unit, at the University of Queensland, Australia.  She has published over 200 peer reviewed research articles and multiple text books and book chapters on the physical therapy treatment of whiplash, headache, and neck pain.

Mr. Burnette has had the privilege to study directly with Dr. Jull and learn her new research proven treatment for cervicogenic headaches and neck pain.  In Jacksonville/Northeast Florida, this new approach to the treatment of headaches and neck pain is now being offered at Australian Physiotherapy Specialists.

Definition: Cervicogenic headache is pain or discomfort located in the head, scalp, or neck regions and caused by abnormalities involving the spinal cord, nerves, joints, muscles or ligaments of the neck.

Our Treatment for Cervicogenic Headache Details:

  • This new approach is a six-week program based on research from the world renowned spine expert, Dr. Gwen Jull from the University of Queensland, Australia.
  • This “evidence-based” approach focuses on gentle joint mobilization of the upper three cervical facet joints and a low-load cervical spine endurance program to train muscle control of the cervicoscapular region.
  • A randomized clinical trial demonstrated that this approach can reduce the symptoms of cervicogenic headache by 50% or > as well as maintain the results one year later.
  • Many patients will begin to feel relief from their head and neck pain in as few as four to six visits.
  • Every patient is given a six week training log and HA dairy to improve compliance and track progress.

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Cervicogenic Headache Information On YouTube


Back Pain/Sacroiliac Joint Disorders

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Low back pain can be a complex disorder that could include an injury to a muscle, a disc, or a joint in the back.  This pain could cause sciatica, or a radiating pain down the back of the legs. In the most severe cases, low back pain related to disc herniation could lead to what is known as radiculopathy.  Radiculopathy is a disorder where the spinal nerves in the back are being compressed and clinically this causes weakness of the legs, diminished sensation,  and decreased reflexes.

Not only is back pain complex, it is extremely common in our society.  Low back pain is now reported to be the second most common complaint seen by family doctors in the USA.  Moreover, it effects 80% of all Americans each year.  Thanks to new space research involving the European Space Agency a new program for the treatment of low back pain has been developed.  This new concept, Gravity Fitness, introduces a way to achieve total body fitness by helping you develop a strong frame that will properly support your body without injury or instability. Gravity Fitness gives you stable joints and strong muscles and bones, allowing you to take control of the aging process by strengthening your body to cope with Earth’s gravitational forces.

The inventor of this new program, Dr. Carolyn Richardson PhD,  has spent 30 years as a leading researcher and teacher of Core Stability for the treatment of low back pain. Dr Richardson is a retired Professor in Physiotherapy and her findings are taught throughout the world. In the last five years, through extensive involvement in Space research with the European Space Agency, Dr Richardson’s application of the Core Stability principles have evolved significantly.

Based on this research, she has expanded the earlier concept of Core Stability to develop the gravity fitness exercise model.  In Jacksonville/Northeast Florida, this new approach to the treatment of low back pain is only offered at Australian Physiotherapy Specialists.

Randomized controlled trial research has proven her Core Stability approach to lessen acute and chronic low back pain with results that were maintained two years after the conclusion of the study.  Most patients will see meaningful improvements within three to six visits.

Gravity Fitness Information on YouTube


Dizziness/Imbalance Disorders

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Our clinic offers over fifteen years of experience treating a vast erray of dizziness/imbalance disorders.  One common cause of dizziness called cervicogenic dizziness is related to neck disorders.  This form of dizziness/imblance is due to malfunctioning nerve receptors called mechanoreceptors that are embedded in the muscles at the top of the neck.  This neurological dysfunction leads to a silent form of dizziness that is often missed in clinical examinations.

Another common disorder that causes vertigo is called BPPV or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.  This disorder is caused by small particles of calcium carbonate (otoconia) becoming dislodged from the inner ear and migrating into the canals of the ear.  This causes a false sense of movement when movement is not actually occurring and results in vertigo.  This type of vertigo can be treated by a physiotherapist that specializes in vestibular disorders.  Most patients will report resolution of vertigo in one to three visits after receiving treatment.

Do you have BPPV?

Common complaints associated with BPPV include:

–Bed mobility (rolling or sitting up)
–Reaching for object on floor, under cupboard or top shelf
–washing hair
–working under the car
–Changing a light bulb
–Dental chair

We offer a specialized treatment programs that are clinically proven to decrease vertigo, dizziness and improve balance.

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