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My experience at Australian Physiotherapy has been wonderful.  I was referred by my neurologist because of migraines, neck pain, and facial/arm hyperplasia.  After four weeks of therapy three times per week, I am thrilled to say all symptoms are either gone or very isolated/minor incidents.  Range of motion in my neck improved dramatically.  Marrow is an amazing practitioner-accomplished, warm, and caring.  The facility is pleasant, clean, and comfortable.  Highly recommend-will keep in my contact file forever.  LM

My experience with Australian Physiotherapy Specialists was great!  I was having headaches everyday.  Within five visits of therapy and home exercises my headaches are gone and my neck range of motion is back to normal.  Thanks APS for your wonderful care and my great experience with your office.  Patti F.

Marrow was amazing.  I was in so much pain in my neck due to migraines.  Heavy medication to alleviate the pain.  After seeing Marrow I have completely recovered.  I am taking less medication and feel great.  I will be doing my neck exercises to keep my neck healthy.  Amazing!  Sharon C.

Our knees help us to stand, walk, run, even go shopping.  Thank goodness I found Marrow.  He helped me so much, and gave me the tools to help myself.  Thanks again.  DS

Although shockingly simple, the techniques and exercises Marrow has taught me have improved my health and reduced my headaches by more than 50%.  After years of suffering and taking medications for repeat migraines, I am thrilled to be able to have something that actually works.  Marrow is a skilled physical therapist with a ton of experience helping migraine sufferers like me.  Susan L.

I was a bit skeptical to do another round of physical therapy but this was totally different that what I had experienced before.  I had 4-6 migraines a month and now I am migraine free and have been for the last several weeks.  Marrow is great.  Teaches you so much about how to prevent pain.  That’s what you need to prevent the pain.  I am so thankful I found him.  Lori S.

I am so thankful I found someone to give me my life back. After three  years of suffering super bad headaches and stiff neck. Doctor Marrow has literally given me my life back. Thanks again for your help, Martha H.

I would highly recommend Australian Physiotherapy. I suffered from neck and shoulder pain after a car accident for several months before a friend referred me to this office. Within a matter of a few weeks, I experienced a dramatic decrease in pain and stiffness. I was given home exercises which added to my healing. Dr. Burnette has a helpful and friendly staff. I will recommend this office to anyone in need of any kind of neck or back therapy. Thank you Dr. Burnette for your help. You truly made a difference in my life. Sincerely, Jennifer D.

I went from daily headaches and high-level usage of migraine medications to very few headaches per month and tools to prevent them for continued use. I would recommend physical therapy at AP to anyone struggling with frequent headaches and migraines. Rachel S.

Physical Therapy with Marrow is amazing. He is thorough and caring throughout treatment and individualizes a plan that works best for you. Cyndi H.

I am writing in appreciation of Marrow Burnette’s superb care and highly effective core stability and gravity based treatment programs. Four years ago, I suffered a herniated disk in my lower back- a diagnosis confirmed by MRI. Since that time I’ve been coping with recurring and persistent lower back pain. During the past year, having suffered daily with worsening symptoms, I began to feel increasingly desperate believing that my future may well be carved in stone – make that bone! Thankfully my primary care physician -an internist and acupuncturist – referred me to Australian Physiotherapy Specialists. Her referral was based on her own experience of effective treatment for a herniated disc, resulting from an ice skating accident. At the time of her referral, my doctor (who’d been directed to Marrow Burnette by colleagues in the medical community) stated, “he’s simply the best.” My own back pain noticeably began subsiding within two weeks of initiating treatment with Marrow. I’m pleased to report that I’ve been pain free for several months now. I attribute this dramatic result – which represents a profound improvement in my quality of life – to Australian Physiotherapy Specialists’ outstanding care, Marrow Burnette’s considerable knowledge, and to my own commitment in observing and following his instructions. Many good wishes, Joseph W.

Marrow Burnette is an awesome clinician. He’s personable, listens to his patients, and his techniques work. My headaches are now only an occasional annoyance versus an everyday issue.  Saphina W.

Therapy sessions with Marrow at Australian Physiotherapy Specialists have completely changed my life! For the past year I was struggling with extreme, and nearly constant migraines. Lots of doctors and medicine later, we were finally recommended to Marrow and couldn’t be more appreciative! I highly recommend Australian Physiotherapy Specialists – It is the BEST!  Andrea R.

My experience with Marrow Burnette at Australian Physiotherapy has been very positive. I am grateful for  the office therapy, the home exercises and the clear and understandable explanation of my medical issues. Marrow was patient, professional and very thorough. The staff has also been welcoming and very helpful. This has overall been a very beneficial experience that has and will guide me in the days ahead as I address my health issues. Thanks and God bless you in all your endeavors to help others. Sincerely, Mary M.

Headaches are less frequent. I have a larger range of motion and am almost symptom free on a daily basis. Having a headache is abnormal! Leisa P.

The therapist was very considerate and concerned with my pain and discomfort. He was very pleasant to get along with, and he seemed to know exactly what he was doing. David A.

Coming to Australian Physiotherapy and working with Dr. Marrow has done great things for my lower/middle back pain. Within the first week of therapy my discomfit decreased a lot. The exercises he instructs you with are great for near permanent relief. Keep doing the exercises daily and your back will not feel the same. Tamiya B.

Marrow and his team worked tirelessly to help me improve my headache condition. I am very grateful for their efforts to make me headache-free. I have improved tremendously and recommend Marrow for anyone with a headache condition. Jessica I.

This has helped me so much. My headaches were so bad, my neck was in so much pain I only slept 2-3 hours a night. Now I hardly have any headaches and I am sleeping a full night. Dr. Burnette gave me the tools and exercises I needed to get my neck and back in good shape. Brenda C.

Before therapy, I was getting 3-4 debilitating, painful headaches per week. I did not have the ability to carry on with regular activity or work. I am now headache free. I received physical therapy and learned exercises that target specific muscles. The goal was to strengthen core muscles and reduce muscle tension on exterior muscles. I have reached my goal. Thank you Marrow! Dean F.

Prior to meeting Marrow I was having headaches, head pressure, dizziness and nausea daily for months. After beginning therapy in October the headaches became fewer and far between, maybe a couple a week after just a month of therapy. Today (01/09/2015) I have no headaches, no head pressure, no dizziness. I absolutely feel GREAT! I am back to working out and being active with my kids and husband! Amazing! Thank you! Cynthia O.

Could not believe how seemingly simple strategies overcame severe back pain. The aftermath is increased core mobility and strength and a simple regimen that I can keep doing on my own! Mimi F.

I have suffered neck pain for years and have tried different therapies. After being suggested Australian Physiotherapy I thought I would try it. I’m so glad I did. My headaches have decreased, my neck moves easier, and I can take these techniques and continue my progress at home. The Dr. is great, he really cares and takes the time to ensure your progress improves. The overall atmosphere is calming and positive. Thank you for helping me to live a pain free, medicine free life. Yvonne J.

Prior to coming to Australian Physiotherapy, I was having horrible headaches on a daily basis. Typically, they would last all day long. My general practitioner had prescribed medications for the symptoms, but still no relief. He referred me to a neurologist who prescribed more medication, and again, no relief. The neurologist referred me to Marrow for physical therapy and at first I was a bit skeptical. However, after the first visit I knew we were on the right path. I began coming to therapy twice a week for several months and now I am headache free. Every once in a while, if I get really stressed, I can feel a headache coming on, but now I have the tools to prevent them. Dr. Marrow Burnette has been a life saver. He is patient, kind and definitely knows what he’s doing. Mistye S.

After meeting with the doctor I was a little skeptical about being sent to physical therapy, but over the last 6 weeks I’ve felt such an amazing improvement. Although I still get headaches they aren’t nearly as intense and are manageable. Over the counter medicine works for me now when it hasn’t worked in 10 years. Working with Dr. Burnette has been a great experience and has helped with improving the mobility of my neck. I will continue the exercises to help improve even more. Thank you for helping me get a handle on these migraines. It has been a great experience. Desire S.

Thank you so much Marrow! You’ve been able to help my vertigo so much – I’m back to my baseline after only a short time of therapy.  You’re such a nice guy! Thanks again, Cheri C.

After suffering from various ankle injuries from soccer, Dr. Marrow has helped rehabilitate and mend my ankle back in excellent fashion. Thanks to him I’ll be back on the field playing all better. – David G.


Woohoo! Australian Physiotherapy is the bomb! Terrific! I now have my life back. Thank you! Laura J.


I’m so thankful my doctor sent me to Australian Physiotherapy! I’ve definitely had a reduction in breakthrough migraines, and I can feel therapy working. Susan B.


I am amazed at how quickly the treatments by Marrow addressed the significant pain and discomfort in my hamstring and heel. As an active athlete, I had great concern about my hamstring pain limiting my ability to exercise. Marrow diagnosed the problem immediately, and provided therapy exercises that directly addressed my hamstring and heel discomfort. He was incredibly knowledgeable and provided personal guidance throughout the exercises. He greatly assisted me in understanding the discomfort I had and how to try to prevent it from occurring again. – 5/1/17 Kirby O.