How Is Our Physical Therapy Different

Jacksonville’s only Australian Physiotherapy Specialists– Advanced Spine and Orthopedic Physical Therapy





Jacksonville’s premiere specialty physical therapy center for the treatment of orthopedic, spine, and sports related injuries.  Our physical therapy center specializes in the treatment of cervical headaches, dizziness and imbalance, back and pelvic pain, and arm and leg injuries.

Our clinic practices what is now known as the Maitland-Australian Concept.  This concept is based on the teachings of Geoffrey Maitland and other researchers and clinicians who have contributed to this philosophy of treatment.

The approach was pioneered in the 1950’s by the legendary Australian Physiotherapist Geoffrey Maitland, and has continued to evolve over the years.  Geoffrey Maitland was a physical therapy visionary and innovator for more than four decades.  He was a pioneer in the use of hands on manual therapy techniques for pain modulation.  His models for practice and his descriptions of examination and treatment techniques are still used as methodological standards by manual therapy researchers.

This concept of assessment and treatment for spinal and extremity conditions is recognized worldwide as an efficient, safe and gentle way to alleviate pain, restore movement, and maximize function in orthopedic patients.  Our principal physical therapist is a national instructor of Geoffrey Maitland’s teachings.

We also use exercise science that was created by world renowned spine experts that founded and shaped our understanding of “core stability”.  This exercise approach focuses on low load, pain free, specific movements versus high load aggressive exercises.  Our patients find this approach so much more pleasing than the “no pain, no gain” model of many of our competitors.  Moreover, our approach has been research proven to work.  Most patients will start to experience pain relief within the first 3-6 visits and often require less overall therapy visits to achieve their goals.

If you have failed with physical therapy in the past and still suffer daily pain…we have a spot on our schedule for you.