Joseph W

I am writing in appreciation of Marrow Burnette’s superb care and highly effective core stability and gravity based treatment programs. Four years ago, I suffered a herniated disk in my lower back- a diagnosis confirmed by MRI. Since that time I’ve been coping with recurring and persistent lower back pain. During the past year, having suffered daily with worsening symptoms, I began to feel increasingly desperate believing that my future may well be carved in stone – make that bone! Thankfully my primary care physician -an internist and acupuncturist – referred me to Australian Physiotherapy Specialists. Her referral was based on her own experience of effective treatment for a herniated disc, resulting from an ice skating accident. At the time of her referral, my doctor (who’d been directed to Marrow Burnette by colleagues in the medical community) stated, “he’s simply the best.” My own back pain noticeably began subsiding within two weeks of initiating treatment with Marrow. I’m pleased to report that I’ve been pain free for several months now. I attribute this dramatic result – which represents a profound improvement in my quality of life – to Australian Physiotherapy Specialists’ outstanding care, Marrow Burnette’s considerable knowledge, and to my own commitment in observing and following his instructions.